Seventh Heaven

Album Seventh Heaven

This album originated thanks to Mr. Olga Stauberova, who translated the original sheet music of spiritual songs with arrangement for choir. I saw great potential in them and wanted to share their novel beauty with other listeners. I decided to record the album both in English original along with the Czech translations. The recording was accompanied by great pianist Petr Novak, at home and abroad respected soloist.

  1. O Lord, be merciful Homer N. Bartlett / Op. 96
  2. Trusting in Thee Claude L. Fichthorn
  3. Language of Canaan David Huntsinger and Kristin Wilkinson
  4. He shall feed His flock / Recitative and Aria from "The Messiah" Georg Friedrich Händel, edited by Carl Deis
  5. He that keepeth Israel Adolphe Schlösser
  6. I heard the voice of Jesus sayCharles A. E. Harriss
  7. Lead kindly light Ciro Pinsuti, Rev. John Henry Newman
  8. O Savior, hear me! / Offertory for Soprano Christoph Willibald Gluck, Adaptation by Dudley Buck
  9. Che faro senza Euridice (arie from opera "Orpheus and Eurydice") r.1762 Christoph Willibald Gluck, Ranieri de' Calzabigi
     (arie z opery "Orfeo a Euridice" r.1762)
  10. Una voce poco fa - Rosina's cavatina (arie from opera The Barber of Seville - 1775) Gioachino Rossini, Pierre Beaumarchais
  11. Beautiful Zion David Huntsinger and Kristin Wilkinson
  12. Out of the deep have I called unto thee (Psalm 130) Robert L. Bedell
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Tour Seventh Heaven

Singing and piano recital of Vitezslava Pajerova and Petr Novak “Seventh Heaven“

1. Lead kindly Light (Psalm 119,105) Claude L. Fichthorn V. Pajerova
2. Trusting in Thee  Ciro Pinsuti, Rev. John Henry Newman         V. Pajerova, O. Stauberova  second voice
3. Beautiful Zion    David Huntsinger a Kristin Wilkinson   V. Pajerova
4. Furiant from Czech Dances B. Smetana    P. Novak
5. I have fixed my mind   David Huntsinger a Kristin Wilkinson   V. Pajerova, O. Stauberova  second voice
6. O Lord, be merciful    Homer Newton Bartlett       V. Pajerova
7. Little Hen from Czech Dances B. Smetana       P. Novak
8. He, that keepeth Israel (Psalm 121,4) Adolphe Schlösser    V. Pajerova, O. Stauberova  second voice
9. Non so piu cosa son, cossa faccio aria of Cherubin from the opera Figaro   V. Pajerova
10. The Little Onion from Czech Dances B. Smetana   P. Novak
11. Lullaby aria from the opera The Kiss B. Smetana    V. Pajerova
12. Out of the deep have I called unto Thee (Psalm 130)   (Žalm 130)
Robert L. Bedell
V. Pajerova
13. Stamp Dance from Czech Dances – B. Smetana    P. Novák
14. Hymn of Praise    Franz Schubert     V. Pajerova, O. Stauberova  second voice


Vitezslava Pajerova


She graduated from High Trading School in Pilsen, fashion designing.

Since the age of five she studied violin with Vlasta Frieslova. Placed in many national competitions. She has performed in conservatory symphony orchestra of Cork, Ireland and Cork Symphony Orchestra. At the age of fifteen continued performing in semi-professional dance company for two years  and from the age of eighteen she began to study singing. Conducted for two years SDA Choir in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Since 2009 studies singing by the State Opera soloist Simona Prochazkova.

Petr Novak

Piano accompaniment

Petr began to learn in six years under the leadership of Jitka Kroupova, graduated from the Pilsen Conservatory with prof. Jiri Duras, AMU Music Faculty at doc. Emil Leichner, continued as a DAAD scholarship in follow-up studies at the Highschool for Music und Theater in Leipzig, Germany with prof. Ulrich Urban.

He has a number of significant successes in competitions. Recorded for Czech Radio and Czech Television.

At present he teaches at the Conservatory in Pilsen (since 2003) and T. Brzkove Music School in Pilsen (2000). Regularly performs with his sister Jane.

Olga Stauberova

Second part vocals

She graduated from medical school in Pilsen in general medicine and acupuncture. Works as a doctor in the stationary in Rozmital, CZ nursing home.

She has been taking singing lessons at the prof. Ludmila Novackova, Olomouc Opera soloist. Her whole life she has been condacting the choir. Her love for music shares with whole family.

In the years 1990 - 2006 resided with his family in Chicago, where she studied sonography at the Institute of Medical Care and English at the University of Illinois Chicago. The family led a local Christian congregation, where she also taught English for immigrants.


Vitezslava Pajerova

777 135 519

Pilsen, Czech Republic